Why North Winds Wilderness School

People are very busy these days, and slowing down or stopping in our tracks all together  sounds like a bad joke to many of us. However, People want to reconnect to nature, they want to possess a meaningful connection to the earth. We have developed a way for people to have both.

Many rewilding or primitive skills schools require long-term commitments or long travel times. We run our programs close to the Twin cities to give everyone equal access, and we run our programs either on weekends or evenings, so that you can fit these very personalized experiences into your time budget.

Our idea is very simple. People need to be reconnected to the earth. They want that sense of place and of belonging. 21st century America does not leave much room for ideas like that. Building your awareness and mindfulness will immediately offer you a different perspective. You will see that we are all connected and that we are all a part of the food chain.

A Sit spot can mean all the difference in the early stages of rewilding. it puts you in the world of the birds, and the deer, as an observer, unnoticed in the background. It teaches patience and lets you see first hand how nature works. Practicing meditation in any form can help you increase your mindfulness, and your presence in the present. This will increase your sense of awareness without having to do anything else. Tracking is an ancient art form that puts all of your senses and awareness to the test all at once, and forces you to live in the moment. Having basic survival skills will give you a sense of peace and confidence unknown to most modern people. Finally connecting to the skills and lifeways of our ancestors brings to the forefront of our attention how connected everything is meant to be, and what humans went through to get us to where we are now.

Rewilding does not have to be an all-encompassing life style. For some like me, it is a passion and a life style. Everyone must pick their own sense of wildness. If you have given up the modern world in light of a hunter gatherer life style you are a rewilder. If you work in down town 9-5 and live in a high-rise, but you want to reconnect to the Earth, so you spend your weekends camping and studying nature, then you too are a rewilder. This is not a club, and there are not rules. You just need a calling, or a sense of need to be a part of nature.

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