Rewilding is everything:

June 23 2018


As I am sure that many of you know, The more that I study Rewilding the more I realize that Rewilding is literally everything. Every decision you make, every movement that you perform, every dollar that you spend.

Kirstin and I have been rearranging and reworking our home in order to encourage more movement and a healthier lifestyle that happens organically rather than by force. We have made many small changes and are working toward more. Just a few of the ideas that we have put to use: Dishes on the bottom shelf. This way you have to squat or bend down every time you need a glass or a plate. Put your pans on the top shelf. This way every time you need a pan you have to reach up over your head to get it. we bought a dynamic work space mat to put in front of our kitchen sink. It has several different inclines to adjust your foot position and angle, and it has 2 balance points to work on your balance while you wash plates, and a static foot massager. We put yoga mats in our family room, this way we can sit on the floor while we watch TV. I have actually read that simply by sitting on the floor rather than in a chair or couch, that you can burn an extra 700 calories a day. This is just a small sampling of the changes that we are making in our lives. There are so many things and we will just keep talking about them until I run out of things to say, which may be a while. I mean: sleep, diet, movement, Spirituality, sex, community, communication, leisure time, all of these things are rewilding. Engaging with your child in an outdoor activity rather than watching a movie, choosing to have open and honest discourse with your significant other rather than guarded small talk. All of it. We have been done a grave injustice by our culture. We have been told that easy and comfortable is better than hard and real, this is not true. We are meant to live to feel ,to experience, and to sweat.

When I was in college my ethics professor asked the class: Would you rather live the perfect life, but have it be fake. You are lying on a table plugged into a computer, but as far as you know life is perfect. Perfect job, Perfect spouse, Perfect house, etc….. but it is all fake. Or, Live your actual life, with all of its’ pain, and all of its’ flaws. Every single person in the class chose real life. I feel like this point is being lost. Let’s get it back.

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