Eating Wild Food


This fall has been very eye opening for me. I have always felt that I ate a pretty good percentage of wild foods in my diet.  There is plenty of evidence that eating wild food is healthier for you. The nutritional content is higher, and there are Minerals and elements that do not regularly occur in domesticated foods that are not present in domestic foods. An issue that I had not previously given much thought to. If you do not have a successful hunting season, you do not have enough wild meat to carry you through the winter. So far this year I have harvested only a couple of squirrels. If I don’t get a deer before the end of archery season We will have only Store bought food to eat. How does one overcome this issue? I see a few options. 1: party hunting. In a party hunting scenario if 1 person gets game, the meat is typically split among the group. So, 3 people, 1 deer, everyone gets meat. This method may mean less meat per person, but at least everyone gets some wild meat.  The 2nd would be: Raising your own meat. If you have the ability to raise chickens, pigs, sheep, goats, or whatever, then you open yourself up to a plethora of food options. No, this is not wild food, but it is better than whatever you might get from Tyson, Gold N Plump, or Johnsonville. You will know exactly how happy the animals lives were, what they ate, and whether or not they had hormones or antibiotics. It is what I would call an acceptable alternative. The third option, and what I consider the most appealing, would be:  During optimum hunting and fishing periods, dedicate yourself as much as possible to the act of gathering food for you and your family. This may cut into social interactions, or video game time, but this is how you may best save up a winters worth of wild meat. It can be done. Small game, upland birds, migratory birds, Deer, Turkey, Bear, Fur bearers, Fish, We live in a world that provides plenty of game options. Pick your favorite, Learn to hunt them, and you can feed yourself.

If you prefer to live a vegetarian or vegan lifestyle that is your choice. In the modern industrial age it is pretty easy to get by on non-animal foods. But, you will rely on industrial agriculture. In North America there is not an appropriate climate for long term sustained Vegetarian life, without grocery stores. You may chose not to support modern animal farming techniques (on this point I agree with you.), but Wild food practitioners need animal protein for long term sustainability.

One thought on “Eating Wild Food

  1. Wild or domesticated animals is the only way to eat along with the veggies you grow and forage . I come from a very rural life growing up . We hunted an raised animals to eat and we grew a huge garden and did some foraging of berries and nuts and other wild plant things. Vegetarian is not something that could do as I love meat and fish . thanks for the post .


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