How connected is connected?


There are millions of Americans that have an innate connection to nature. They join the Sierra Club, or Green Peace, They drive Hybrids, they love hiking, camping, and Fishing. The American Connection to nature is part of our heritage, part of who we are. we had pilgrims, then long hunters, and rangers, then mountain men, and voyageurs. Now we have archaeologists and Spelunkers. Each year 282 million people visit our national parks. This does not include National Forests, National monuments, State Parks, State Forests, National Wildlife refuges, National Grasslands, etc.etc.etc….. Literally most of America Feels some sort of meaningful connection to the wild parts of our Nation.

But……..What does this connection mean, and how connected is connected. We wear Northface, Drive Subarus, read Outside Magazine, and Shop at REI, but how can our actions reflect our beliefs? Our connection to Nature can be more real, it can be more meaningful, and we can pass it on to our children. The culture of mass compulsory consumerism does not need to keep a footing in our culture. It only exists because we feed it. But, some people feel the pull of the wild, they feel that they don’t need to keep buying things. There are those in our society who do feel fulfilled from having the nicest and newest stuff, and that is just fine. For those who know that there can be more to life than that, You can look past the mirage, you can see that nature is the way. I’ve said it before, but, humans have existed on this planet in 1 form or another for around 7 million years, and it is only just in the last 100 that we have decided that we don’t need nature. We could not be more mistaken. We need water to drink, air to breath, food to eat, and trees to clean our air. Without these things human beings cannot live, Period. In order for these things to continue existing, we need NATURE.

Right now, you can choose to go outside, to be a part of nature. If you sit at home and watch television, how can you expect your children to do any different. You can find a whole new sense of self and feel really connected to the world around you. Humans are a part of nature, and we are a part of the food chain. When you feel it, you will never be the same again. Once you feel your place, you will never want to give it up again. It is a knowing of self, a pure feeling of confidence. and all you have to do, is go outside, and learn how to be there. Foraging, tracking, hunting, Camping, these are all a part of our birth rite. A true meaningful connection to nature, is different than a sense of connection. But, Anything is a good start. A person who has given up the trappings of modern society, and live in a hut in the woods, and a person who knows that something has to change, and goes camping for the first time, are both on the path of rewilding. Regardless of how far down the path one might be, it is all the same path. Anything that gets people outside and opens their eyes is what it takes, a place to start is all anyone needs.

May this be yours…..



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