The long cold sleep of winter has finally given way to the hope of a new year. The rebirth of spring, and the coming of longer warmer days. This is a very exciting time of year, for rewilders as well as everyone else. For many it means: beaches, picnics, parks, and campng with friends. It can be all of those things for us too, just because we are erwilding doesn’t mean that we can’t have fun. However, for us it also means: Foraging, Gardening, Fishing, Being barefoot, Reacquainting ourselves with the land. It gives us a whole new set of reasons to get up and go in the morning. We need to recondition our feet, and get ou tto renew our intimate knowledge of the shape of the land. Where are the fiddel heads? Where are the Ramps. Do you know how to eat a baby Urtica Dioica without getting stung?

All of these things breed a sense of excitment. it feels very new and fresh even after the long winter. Here in the north we have felt cooped up for too long. Even getting out as much as possible in the winter feels like a jail cell of seperation from nature. We go ice fishing, and tracking, and snow shoeing. We do go out in the winter, but it simply isn’t enough. we crave spring. This isn’t to say that we should wish the winter away. Life is precious and we should drink in every moment of it. The spring Just feels a little bit more precious.

I am excited. Are you? I am ready for barefoot strolls in the woods, and wild foods right off oo f the ground.

See You out there.

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