Long Term Classes

Etrayu Bow

There are so many options out there these days. Whether you are looking for rewilding, Wilderness survival, Homesteading, How to survive the apocalypse, experimental archaeology, or whatever. You can choose a 4 hour class, a 1 day workshop, a long weekend, a week, or you can do a year, or a season. I have taken lots of several hour to 1 day classes. I have gotten quite a bit out of each of them. However, Every single class that I have taken that was hours long, I had to go back and relearn the skill later. The classes that I have gotten the most out of are the ones that were months long. Think college. If you take 1 class you can say you went to college, but to get the benefit of the education you have to go for 4 or 6 or 8 years. This is so, because long-term exposure has so many benefits. The benefits range from deep immersion which ingrains you with a particular knowledge set. To the construction of a culture. Any Long term learning facility has a culture. The University of Minnesota has a student culture, St. Thomas University has a student culture, Rewild University has a very obvious student culture, and Future Necessities has a student culture.

Look at our “The Sacred Hunt” Apprentices. On February 1st these four guys had never met, now they are a team. We train together, we laugh together, and we work together. It has been amazing for me to watch how these guys have melded together. It is a culture of wonder, of respect, of Passion, and the want to be closer to the earth, more a part of the world. It has been said that we were not born to pay bills and die. The culture of today would beg to differ, but we are striving to show people that you can make your own path. You can both participate in the modern world, and also make your own life.

Any time that you take the opportunity to learn something, you are bettering yourself. When you commit yourself to an idea or a skill set, you are honing yourself. Delving into a culture and becoming a part of an idea is something else all together. When I was at Rabbit stick last year, I became a part of rabbit stick, I felt the ebb and flow of the base line that was that gathering. I talked to the people there as if we had been there forever. It became who I was. Then, I went home, and I returned to my normal life. I became me again, but by having fully immersed myself into the culture, it became a part of me, and ever so slightly changed who I am, and I love every second of it.


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